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I'm denying this journal.. sorry journal :(

What's up in my life? Work, Dungeons and dragons and lolita again.

I actually told myself I was going to leave lolita.. My boyfriend hated it, and I felt i was constantly just trying to find myself in it. I sold EVERYTHING. .. 

But I came back again, with a vengence! I finally know what I love in lolita! ^___^

Thank god for angelic pretty doing the odd mini skirt and regimental pieces. Thoes are my loooooves. Instead of people asking me if my dress is a costume, they actually very much compliment me and don't act strangely towards me. Also my boyfriend likes the whole other AP items, and I spend most my time with him so :D Makes me very happy.

Other than lolita, I do have other fashion brands I have in my life I love.

Recent fashion haul:

In order; Jesus Diamante, Galaxxxy, Monomania

Recent Lolita Haul


thanks for looking~


Current updates.

 Well.. Lets see. 

I finally got my wig from GLW.. everyone says its brown so i've given up, it's BLONDE THEN D:

I've been slowly easing my way into brand lolita, but the thing is my other half dislikes lolita very much.. So i have to get dresses to suit him too.
I DID MANAGE TO GET A HOLD OF ANGELIC PRETTY MACAROON TARTAN!!! Oh god its soo cute. I'm still expermenting with other styles :) But I love Fairy kei the most still.


I'm currently trading my Miracle Candy OP for the Invited to a party JSK in Pink.. I wonder what it'll look on me D: